Stanford Transfusion Medicine Rotation


The transfusion medicine rotation provides three months of extensive training and practical experience in the medical, laboratory, and administrative issues that arise at a hospital-based transfusion service (Stanford University Hospital Transfusion Service) and a regional blood center (Stanford Blood Center). During the first two one-month rotations, the trainee will be presented with an introduction to the major topics of transfusion medicine: the fundamental immunology and genetics underlying transfusion medicine; the principles of blood collection, preparation, storage and shipment; the indications for transfusion, pre-transfusion testing, and selection of appropriate products; and evaluation and management of transfusion-related complications. These topics are covered in didactic sessions with faculty as well as reference technologists, and reinforced through resident experience as the primary liaison between the clinical teams and the transfusion service/blood bank. In the return month, to the Blood Center/Transfusion Service laboratory, the resident will function with increasing independence in the evaluation of transfusion reactions and in consultative responsibilities with clinical staff, as deemed appropriate by the service director.


Each morning the resident leads transfusion rounds in which the following topics are reviewed: issues from overnight call, blood component inventory, the surgery schedule and anticipated usage, transfusion reactions, antibody work-ups, and HLA-compatible platelet requests. The resident is in constant communication with the clinical teams regarding indications for special products (i.e. washed, irradiated, leukoreduced, CMV-negative), clarification of orders, investigation of transfusion reactions, and the assessment and prioritization of the transfusion needs of patients with allo- or auto-antibodies. Attending Didactics will be held daily after rounds Monday through Friday by the attending covering that day. On Wednesday an additional didactic will be held by the reference staff, on Thursday a didactic will be held at the Blood Center.  Each didactic will cover a particular topic with a list of objectives to be met. There is also a weekly transfusion conference where issues from overnight call and interesting cases on service are discussed with presentation of a review of the relevant medical literature.
Stanford Transfusion Service
Stanford Blood Center


Jennifer Andrews Murdock, M.D.
Lawrence Tim Goodnough, M.D.
David Oh, M.D.
Tho Pham, M.D.
Neil Shah, M.D.

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