Resident & Fellow Benefits

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Housing Allowances


Hospital and major medical insurance for each house officer and his or her dependents are provided. Dental insurance for the house officer and his or her children is provided, with the spouse's dental insurance available at the house officer's expense. Disability insurance, malpractice insurance, and sick leave benefits are also provided to house staff at Stanford. Lab coats and their laundry, pagers, and some University privileges are available.

Additional benefits include $10 per day for meal allowance for residents who must remain in-house overnight at Stanford. Stanford pays fees for initial state licensure (for which trainees apply at the end of internship) and for Step III.

More specific information regarding these topics, as well as local housing information is available from Ms. Ann Dohn of the Stanford Hospital and Clinics' Graduate Medical Education Office at (650) 723-5948.

Time Off

2016-2017 Salary Range

Annual  Monthly 
PGY I $60,361.60 $5,030.04
PGY II $63,398.40 $5,283.10
PGY III $68,244.80 $5,686.96
PGY IV $72,092.80 $6,007.62
PGY V $76,606.40 $6,383.74
PGY VI $80,017.60 $6,668.01
PGY VII $84,510.40 $7,042.40
PGY VIII $88,358.40 $7,363.06


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