Genomic Medicine

Course Directors:

Scott Boyd, MD, PhD; Assistant Professor of Pathology. Director of Sequencing Applications.
Yaso Natkunam, MD, PhD; Professor of Pathology. Director of Hematopathology; Associate Chair for Faculty Development & Diversity
Iris Schrijver, MD; Associate Professor of Pathology. Director, Molecular Pathology laboratory; Associate Program Director for Clinical Pathology Residency Training

Description of Courses:

Genomic Medicine: The Department of Pathology at Stanford University offers this course to its residents and fellows, as part of its required core educational curriculum. Interested faculty members are also encouraged to attend. This course is intended to provide a broad basis for understanding the rapidly developing field of Genomic Medicine and is designed to help prepare our residents for Pathology practice in which genomic medicine is an integral part of medical diagnosis and patient care. The course provides an overview of fundamental principles of molecular biology, clinical genomics and personalized medicine, as well as current and evolving research and clinical applications. Ethical and legal ramifications, and regulatory considerations, pertaining to this increasingly comprehensive approach to diagnostic testing and “predictive medicine” will also be addressed.  

Elective in Advanced Genomic Medicine: This second new course, that is given annually provides a more in-depth curriculum for residents, fellows, and faculty who wish to deepen their knowledge and expertise in this area. This course is taught as an elective, and provides didactic as well practical, hands-on curriculum components. This course is intended for trainees who expect to actively apply genomic data interpretation tools in their research and practice.

Schedule of Classes

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