Current AP Residents

Vafa Bayat, MD, PhD
, Baylor College of Medicine, AP/NP-1
Clinical Interest: Neuropathology

Yamamoto S, Bayat V, Bellen HJ, and Tan C (2013).  Protein Phosphatase 1ß Limits Ring Canal Constriction During Drosophila Germline Cyst Formation. PLoS One (accepted).

Rodriguez-Waitkus PM, Bayat V, Merritt B, George E, Sule N (2013).  Gastrointestinal Histoplasmosis in an Otherwise Immunocompetent Chronic HCV-Infected Patient. Mycopathologia (accepted).

Zhang K, Li Z, Jaiswal M, Bayat V, Xiong B, Sandoval H, Charng W-L, David G, Haueter C, Yamamoto S, Graham BH, and Bellen HJ (2013).  The C8ORF38 homologue Sicily is a cytosolic chaperone for the mitochondrial complex I subunit ND42.  Journal of Cell Biology 200(6).

Michael Clay, MD
, University of Vermont, AP-3
Clinical Interests: Breast Pathology, Gynecologic Pathology, Soft Tissue Pathology

Clay MR, Iberri DJ, Bangs CD, Cherry A, Jensen KC. Clinicopathologic characteristics of HER2 FISH-ambiguous breast cancer at a single institution. Am J Surg Pathol. 2013 Jan;37(1):120-7

Clay M., Gibson P., Lowell J., Cooper K. Microscopic Uterine Lymphangioleiomyomatosis Perivascular Epithelioid Cell Neoplasm (LAM PEComa): a case report with the earliest manifestation of this enigmatic neoplasm.IntJGynecolPathol. 2011 Jan;30(1):71-5.


Sebastian Fernandez-Pol, MD, PhD
, Northwestern University, AP/Heme-1

Lisa McGinnis, MD, PhD
, Stanford University, AP/Heme-1



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